Social media crap

We all have it and we all use it (or most of us at least). The right issue is how! How are we using it? Well, we are communicating through it and maybe picture uploading from time to time but in many cases that’s just not bloody enough. What am I talking about? Oh, pure madness.

There is usually at least one friend who is uploading pictures almost every day. Common, let us miss you a bit! We don’t have to know at what stage is your cleaning looking by your selfie reflection in your bathroom or bedroom.

Bunch of them are uploading anything for show-offs like the vacation, the quick trip to the next town, Friday night adventures and much similar irrelevant info. No, you are not cooler or funnier than others. You’re just lucky and tomorrow it can all change.

Have I mentioned babies? Sure, mostly they’re cute and blah but do I have to know what they’re wearing and how they’re pooping? Nah. I don’t know when babies became a tool to show off but it’s quite…childish.

Wedding dramas. This is like never ending story – lasts for weeks. Blah blah I’m happy for you, now change your last name everywhere and shut up. You’re not different than any other lady. It was just one night and you’ve lost a lot of money. Congratulations.

They say: “nobody is forcing you to use it”. Please, have a look around. Almost everything is plugged to some social platform. Almost every company, every business is on social media. How am I suppose to work with it, without getting annoyed? They say: “just click unfollow”. Done that. It doesn’t stop new persons to evolve and become this annoying social monster though.

How about NO.


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