It isn’t easy to surprise me. Recently a few stuff has happened that blew my mind. Yes, I was surprised. It’s actually quite confusing. These are some of them:

1. Whistling as a method to calm somebody down.

No joke here. It happened during some silly fight. Suddenly things got out of control. A perfect way to solve it? Whistling! Yes, we are dogs. We know exactly what to do when you’ll whistle. No harmony. Whistle your issues away, that’s cool.

2. Kissing mommy on the mouth.

Grown-ass men kissing his mother on the mouth. Oh, boi. I could understand that sometimes a relationship between a son and the mother is close and special, but let’s be real – it’s disgusting. You’re kissing your mom and a few hours later your wife or your girlfriend? Poor woman.

3. Having a direct tattoo on the throat.

You have every right to express yourself the way you want, I respect that. Please, consider your tattoo not to be angry grizzly on your throat. Especially when your face is cute! Sorry, I would never take it seriously. That grizzly would have sucked my attention every time.

4. Being asked a weird question on the street.

Typical Tuesday. I’m coming back home from work and some teenage girl is asking me if I would want an ice cream. I should mention: it’s obviously cold. The girl wasn’t bothered by it, wearing a top that revealed her tummy. Nope, I didn’t take it.

5. Drinking beer at work.

Sorry but wtf?! Ok, you’re the boss, I get it. You’re also an example, moron. If you’re drinking the beer, can I as well? Can everybody? I don’t see any logic here. Unless it’s just the show-off, like “I can do whatever I want, but you must follow the rules”. It’s highly disrespectful not to mention unprofessional.



Mindfully irritating

There are few behaviors that I will never understand. Ever. It doesn’t surprise me anymore but it makes me feel quite overwhelmed that those are largely common and nobody bats an eye.

I’m lending the book from the public library. It’s a guide to improve your language so as you can imagine, it’s full of exercises. What do people do? They’re writing in the book with their pen as they own it.

I’m driving through the city. Trash everywhere. Trash next to the road and trash on the lawn or in every possible angle. What do people do? They’re littering because they don’t care and don’t respect our environment.

I’m in the Bahn, standing. Rush hours. Pregnant lady, with a visible belly, comes to my area. What do people do? They look the other way. Especially women.

I’m in the supermarket, going through stuff. I see some things that don’t belong to this specific area. What do people do? They’re leaving products on the shelves randomly. No respect for Ordnung!

I’m entering a public toilet. I want to do to my business there but I’m choosing to abort the place instead. What do people do? They’re not flushing, leaving the used paper on the floor, peeing on the floor and in the end, everything looks and smells like some kind of battlefield.

What a mockery.

Simplicity of leading

Do you know somebody who is on leading or managing position and has no clue how to do that? I do. So far I’ve met maybe one or two persons who were able to do the job correctly. Not everyone is capable of doing so. X-years of “experience”, a bunch of awesome recommendation letters and a super degree doesn’t give you anything on that matter. I’m calling it a character. Yeah. You must be though, consistent, ultra responsible, straightforward and extremely cautious. Isn’t it simple? It sounds simple to me. You know what’s also simple? Recognizing the right leader.

There is always someone in your team who speaks loud, says things directly and stays focused when the problem occurs. Someone who you can trust no matter what. I had a boss like that. It was the most efficient time in my life so far. I’ve learned so much and grew personally. Everything flew as it’s supposed to, even when it wasn’t easy.

You can learn a lot of things but I don’t think leading or managing is one of those. I’ll be damned if I’m wrong. Nope. I’m confident with that one. If so, can someone please enlighten me how exactly a person who is for example: emotionally unstable, distracted by a tiny problem, struggling with multitasking, moody and very easily stressed, reacting according to the current state of mind, not to the facts – can develop analytic and cautious skills of somewhat? I know I know. Nothing is impossible but some things are made this way if your boss is chaotic. You probably just thought about someone specific, huh? (if you haven’t already)

It bothers me. Do you know how awful you gotta be to provide poisonous influence on your employees? Guess what! Work is not done tip top when your co-workers aren’t comfortable. Doesn’t everyone know it? I came to realize that obvious things are the hardest to acknowledge. We are complicating something that is easy.

Somehow miserable people are managing to get the position. Mostly you know right up front what kind of person is the other one (body language, the way how they speak and so on). How can it be missed? Please HR people! Look closer and stay distanced. It’s a matter of character. At the very least.

Let’s not create unnecessary confusion. I choose to be diplomatic when my boss is not. In the end, life is life and we just have to be smarter and move the heck on.