Good, but not good

I’ve encountered a lot of distress lately. It’s about self-confidence, any sense of self-value or in fact who you are. Seems easy, but that’s how foreigners feel daily. It comes down mostly with work and how they treat you over there. Everything else in manageable.

What to do when you’ll hear all of the compliments, like how you’ve improved or how everything I do is amazing or yo, you’re very talented and everyone has a lot of respect and understanding with what I need to face regarding languages – and in the end it closes up with simple “you’re good, but…not good enough”. The biggest joke I’ve heard in my life. Just smile. But do it rather with the joker style.

What to do when you’ll hear all of the promises, like what kind of plan do they have for you and so on, what kind of responsibilities and since you’re so amazing we want you here and there to do this and that – but… it’s not happening and it won’t in the nearest future? They’re telling you “until we decide, we will use you and let you rot where you don’t belong”. Oh, boi. Eat tuna every day. Or any fishes. Let them smell that rot.

What to do when you’ll get all of the responsibilities, that nobody wants to do, but hey…you’re so reliable and the way you deal with sorting those documents… it’s just wow. It’s like “we want you here…for cleaning our mess up”. Ow. Have fun if it’s not what they promised you on their job interview. Let it ride. At some point, the karma will ride them.

What to do when you’ll be constantly undervalued and no matter what you do, it’s always questionable? Well, how about you don’t question yourself, you do what you do with 101%, you set the bar high and just keep going. Go somewhere where they will value you. Have some faith and determination.

But don’t forget to show the middle finger. Have you thought about the specific person? Great, you’ll know where to start.



I live in a funny fairy-tale where people care about what they’re doing so the job is done just about right. Decent foundations and clear work morals are something we shouldn’t discuss – it’s already there. Wait… what?

Dear Ms.Nurse, share your knowledge with grace when I’m asking about who is the last person in the line. I’m there to get help not to make your day harder.

HR Department. Three different teams and nobody has read my resume. It must be hard reckoning to improvise questions for a job vacancy. How Rude.

Hey, Mr.Shipping! How about being a bit nicer? Yes, the driver is late and no, he will not make it on time. There is a giant traffic jam and there is nothing you can do about that.

Lady Secretary from the firm X. When I’m calling you with a very specific question it means I couldn’t find an answer anywhere else. Oh, boi. It must have hurt to use a brain.

Financial dude. Please don’t make the fool out of me. We don’t have to know everything. You’re here to advise me not to mock me.


Social media crap

We all have it and we all use it (or most of us at least). The right issue is how! How are we using it? Well, we are communicating through it and maybe picture uploading from time to time but in many cases that’s just not bloody enough. What am I talking about? Oh, pure madness.

There is usually at least one friend who is uploading pictures almost every day. Common, let us miss you a bit! We don’t have to know at what stage is your cleaning looking by your selfie reflection in your bathroom or bedroom.

Bunch of them are uploading anything for show-offs like the vacation, the quick trip to the next town, Friday night adventures and much similar irrelevant info. No, you are not cooler or funnier than others. You’re just lucky and tomorrow it can all change.

Have I mentioned babies? Sure, mostly they’re cute and blah but do I have to know what they’re wearing and how they’re pooping? Nah. I don’t know when babies became a tool to show off but it’s quite…childish.

Wedding dramas. This is like never ending story – lasts for weeks. Blah blah I’m happy for you, now change your last name everywhere and shut up. You’re not different than any other lady. It was just one night and you’ve lost a lot of money. Congratulations.

They say: “nobody is forcing you to use it”. Please, have a look around. Almost everything is plugged to some social platform. Almost every company, every business is on social media. How am I suppose to work with it, without getting annoyed? They say: “just click unfollow”. Done that. It doesn’t stop new persons to evolve and become this annoying social monster though.

How about NO.

Cinema paradise

As usual, I don’t understand what is driving people to behave unhuman in cinemas. It’s all about how they were raised. Everything goes around it. Eh. What kind of behaviors am I talking? Oh please, we all know them too well.

The way how somebody sits on the chair. Boi. I get that you want to be comfortable but do I have to smell your shoes which you put right next to my head?

The way how somebody is making noise by eating stuff that shouldn’t even be there in the first place or by simply bloody talking. Do I have to hear what you have to say during the movie?

The way how somebody is checking the phone during the seance. Especially in front of you. Do I have to see your phone when Iron Man is fighting with the evil?

The way how somebody leaves all of the trash on the seat. Trash bins are always next to the door when you’re leaving. Why is it so hard to just take it with you? Mama didn’t teach you, right.

Just behave.

Small talks

This is daily mush up of mine. Dealing with people and then overthinking it. That’s how I cope. Much fun.

Sometimes we are all small talking, especially with somebody we barely know or don’t know at all. It can happen anywhere, most likely in our workplaces. We are doing it because we want to be nice, funny or sometimes just to fill the silence. Is it always so necessary?

I came to realize that nothing good comes out of the small talks. I see how people are struggling to be awesome and in the end, they are just pretending to be somebody else. Someone ultra funny with the best stories or someone faking to care at all. Why is it hard sometimes and why silence scare people so much? Since when you are suddenly weird by not commenting random and mostly unrelevant stuff? As usual, I’m asking questions I can’t possibly answer.

For me it’s simple: when I don’t want to talk I don’t talk but when I do, you can be more than assured that you have my full attention and care. I’m more than fine with silence – observing others is funnier. This weird pursuit of everyone’s sympathy by being “vocally active” makes me feel quite confused. I don’t understand it. You can’t make people like you or see you more. Besides that, isn’t it way more interesting to talk about something that really matters?

I don’t have enough of energy (or rather patience) to enjoy small talking and I’ll be damned if I’m the only one thinking this way.


I think we all have at least one funny story to tell about our former or actual roommate. As I remember correctly I got to move 7 times meeting approximately 15 new people. I lived in the dormitory twice but that’s a whole other experience. Anyway, here are some facts I had the joy to witness.

  1. Appreciation is tabu.

No matter how long or hard I’ve tried to clean our common spaces like kitchen or bathroom – magic happened! Half an hour and the place was dirty again. Usually, when I confronted them, all I’ve been hearing was some lousy excuses or even accusations. The truth is when somebody is ok with the dirtiness and tons of dust, there is nothing you can possibly do to change it. Bad luck. At some point, I simply gave up and I was cleaning only after myself.

  1. Untidiness gets a new meaning.

Towels on shoes? Big piles of unfresh clothes at every possible angle? Bunch of trash on the floor? Another bunch of dirty dishes with unfinished, old and stinky food? Garbage bag full of old stuff that nobody “was able” to take out? The sink full of used dishes that are yours and nobody cleaned them after using? Kitchen dirty to this point that you don’t have space or tools to cook? Boi oh boi just imagine the general smell.

  1. Redefining bravery is on the daily basic.

I had a bunch of difficult and humiliating conversations about the fact that somebody was leaving brown marks in the toilet or piss was all over the place. Seriously? Mama didn’t teach you how to properly handle your business? Or how to clean the sink after you put 30 kg of make-up on you and now it’s everywhere? Or those hairs that you leaving in the bathtub? It’s disgusting. It’s also not easy to talk about it. Again, if people don’t know very basic stuff like this, there is absolutely nothing you can do. I’ve learned it the hard way.

  1. Other lives coexist with you.

I remember until this day the size of spider that came out of the closet. Holy cow. It was as big as my fist. When I was living in Italy I came upon a dead scorpion. Oh yes! Because of the moist, a lot of stuff was also covered with mold within a night. Enjoying living on 12 floor? Just acknowledge the cockroaches and other tiny things that like to travel on the pipes. My roommate denied their existence and they spread even more. Believe me, there is nothing more horrible than a battle with cockroaches.

  1. Noise tolerance has a new scale.

Eh, that’s a tricky one. There is nothing wrong with listening to music as long as you’re not doing it at 5 am. Same goes for inviting people over in the middle of the night. Really? Also, you don’t have to do the dishes at 6 am when everyone is still asleep. Showing off should be dedicated to other things.

The rule is easy: clean after yourself and don’t bother others while doing it.

Clicking and talking

Did you notice people on the train or wherever public you go that they have their volume full while texting with someone vigorously? That click, click, click or whatever sound they have? Oh boi. It’s driving me nuts. Especially when I’m on the long journey and want to take a nap and I keep hearing that annoying click click. Guess what. They’re usually texting for hours. What the heck! When I text with somebody, my phone is always damn mute. What is this? You want to show everyone that you have a phone and someone to talk to? I think is rude and out of place. Lately, I was even waiting for the doctor appointment and again…click click click. It’s clicking everywhere you go. Literally.

Also, since when we don’t know how to call on our phones? Since when it’s normal to just hold it next to your mouth and have it on speaker? Am I the only one here to think it’s unnatural and quite creepy? Eh. Talking this way among the crowd, man!

It’s wrong. Of course, not everyone thinks the same. That’s a whole new level and I won’t even dare to begin to understand it. Nope. I don’t think we can do anything about it. Our society is trending into something weird.