The offices

I’ve been dealing a lot with government facilities lately. I worked for them too. It was and always is such a pleasure. So many people, so many characters, so many interpretation and…not so much space to fit it all.

The young lady in finances department. She didn’t know what to do with my issue. Neither did 6 posters of hamsters on the wall behind her. No joke. 6 hamsters! How powerful.

A phone is ringing a bit too long at the reception. Lady is pretending to do something super important on the computer in order to not pick it up. Who cares, right? I leaned on to check: she was sorting her personal pictures from vacation. Wow. Priorities.

Mid-age dude as for volunteering manager. On bare feet when it’s snowing outside, really? Don’t they pay people enough to afford some shoes? He was a bit messy too but who am I to judge. Such an alfa.

An old lady in managing department. No place to sit. Literally, everything was on everything. You are representing your country with this! Is it such a problem to organize the closet? It is! Why? Less space for the food and other irrelevant crap.

Another managing department. Everyone stars to work at 7 am. Officially. There is 7.46 and they are still drinking coffee, complaining, wasting time and being cool with it. It wasn’t that cool when another task came down and a huge drama following it because of course there is absolutely no time to do it.

Health insurance. Service done smoothly like: “who told you to come to me?”, “why are you here? you need to go somewhere else”, “don’t know who lost your paper”, “there is nothing in the system, I can’t help you”. Aha.

You are always so welcome and they are always doing everything fast and right. Every time.



Spring beauty

Don’t we all agree that spring is the most charming time of the year? Everything is changing outside, like literally. The birds don’t stop singing and the flowers don’t stop blooming. Circle of life. This specific type of fresh air will give you some sense of hope, motivation and energy to do more and be more. Everything seems to be more bearable. Are you one those people who feel this way? Good for you.

There is nothing more annoying than a sudden weather movement from 2°C and winter clothes to 18°C and bam. You’re sweating like a little piggy because you have no clue how to properly choose clothes. “It’s impossible to be this hot outside”. Nope. It actually is hot outside. And yesterday wasn’t.

Have I mentioned mood switching? You are feeling this empowering and inspirational batch of air few times a day. Almost everything becomes more colorful and so does your reality and dreams. For a moment you are positive thinking guru. Relatable? Of course. Too bad you can’t maintain it for the whole year. Your mind needs to bloom whatever your yard is or isn’t.

It’s also such a delightful time for allergic folks. The struggle is real and painful. You are flying on tissues, you haven’t slept for days and everything gets only more and more intense. It’s questionable what is really driving you forward but hey, spring is around, so you better be happy. Otherwise, the general picture is broken.

In the end, everything is mixing and you are just transforming into overwhelmingly mind blooming piggy drifting on the stunning meadow with tissues sucking the life out of you. Smile you rainbow throwing zombie, smile!

Positive vibes

I’ve been recently struggling with staying positive. It got me thinking (of course) about how to handle this state of mind. I don’t mean being unhappy or happy. For me, being positive means you are strong enough to believe that everything will be ok because you know yourself, your dreams and your capabilities. Regardless of the current situation. Are you positive? I’m certainly trying to.

It’s very easy to lose your motivation or ability to overcome even a tiny negativity. We live in the world full of opportunities but also hollowness and fake behaviors. Look at the social media or typical commercials. Everyone achieved more than you and possessed more then you will ever have. We are overwhelmed. It’s hard to focus on your goals and just simply get going. Distraction is on every damn corner.

I think what really matters is the right attitude. That’s a valuable skill to have. I don’t even know what’s called: being realistic mixed with cautiousness? Being able not to worry mixed with hope? Being stubborn mixed with confidence? All I know is having this specific attitude helps with staying positive.

Carry on with whatever you’re doing. A bad day is in the end just a bad day.*


*no, I’m not a personal couch and I don’t blab around. It’s just a regular utter mush up of mine.