Fake times

I came to realize that a lot of people are kind of fake. Not only in my or my closest ones surrounding but also on TV and how it’s brainwashing a lot of us. So what and why it’s happening?

– People are desperate to be cool or seen as easy going. No? Miss one party or don’t agree with something and you will experience what it means to be an outsider. Bah, be sarcastic and nobody will understand you (story of my life).

– People are pursuing to be ultra fit. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself as long as you don’t brag around about every step you take. Nobody cares what you ate or what kind of exercise did you do. Just enjoy the damn food. “I’m fit” “I’m vegan” Yeah right. In most cases, they have no clue what to eat not to mention they have absolutely nothing to do with sport. Few weeks without meat and one fitness course doesn’t make you an expert. Commit and then we will talk.

– People tend to overdo. Too much make up and too much of everything. Again, there is nothing wrong with looking nice and attractive as long as 60% of your face is in fact…your face. Not fake eyelashes, not corrected eyebrows, not 1cm of coverage. The tendency to look like that every day, eh please. You will look different, but it doesn’t mean more beautiful.

– People’s appearances on social media are far away from the truth. Mostly they are pretending to be somebody else. You travel? Do you have a baby? You just got married? You just went out with your colleagues? Few joyful events don’t make you happy. It’s like ego feeding – desperate for another approval, like “look I’m better than you”. No, you’re not.

– People don’t commit or care anymore. Look at the divorce rates. Somehow the meaning of love and marriage had changed. Friendships mean nothing. As long as you suitable you are ok. How many times do you feel annoyed because you went out with your pals and everyone seemed to be more interested in their phones then how you are doing? How many times did you do that yourself?

I could probably go on and on with this. A lot of things are constantly surprising me and I don’t understand anything. What’s more important: I refuse to follow it. Do you?