Fake times

I came to realize that a lot of people are kind of fake. Not only in my or my closest ones surrounding but also on TV and how it’s brainwashing a lot of us. So what and why it’s happening?

– People are desperate to be cool or seen as easy going. No? Miss one party or don’t agree with something and you will experience what it means to be an outsider. Bah, be sarcastic and nobody will understand you (story of my life).

– People are pursuing to be ultra fit. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself as long as you don’t brag around about every step you take. Nobody cares what you ate or what kind of exercise did you do. Just enjoy the damn food. “I’m fit” “I’m vegan” Yeah right. In most cases, they have no clue what to eat not to mention they have absolutely nothing to do with sport. Few weeks without meat and one fitness course doesn’t make you an expert. Commit and then we will talk.

– People tend to overdo. Too much make up and too much of everything. Again, there is nothing wrong with looking nice and attractive as long as 60% of your face is in fact…your face. Not fake eyelashes, not corrected eyebrows, not 1cm of coverage. The tendency to look like that every day, eh please. You will look different, but it doesn’t mean more beautiful.

– People’s appearances on social media are far away from the truth. Mostly they are pretending to be somebody else. You travel? Do you have a baby? You just got married? You just went out with your colleagues? Few joyful events don’t make you happy. It’s like ego feeding – desperate for another approval, like “look I’m better than you”. No, you’re not.

– People don’t commit or care anymore. Look at the divorce rates. Somehow the meaning of love and marriage had changed. Friendships mean nothing. As long as you suitable you are ok. How many times do you feel annoyed because you went out with your pals and everyone seemed to be more interested in their phones then how you are doing? How many times did you do that yourself?

I could probably go on and on with this. A lot of things are constantly surprising me and I don’t understand anything. What’s more important: I refuse to follow it. Do you?


5 Gründe, warum man nie fehlerfreies Deutsch sprechen wird

*Bitte beachte, dass dieser Beitrag nur Spaß ist. Es ist einfach ein Scherz. Es passiert nicht für alle Ausländer. Aber es kann.

  1. Deutschland ist voll mit Dialekten.

Na ja. Die Leuten von Nord werden nicht mit den Leuten von Süd kommunizieren. Es gibt Sachsen und Bayern. Da spricht man fast eine andere Sprache. Es gibt Hochdeutsch und Plattdeutsch. Es gibt lustige Worte in allen Städten. Es gibt alles auf einmal.

  1. Du wird immer jemanden mit einem starken Akzent treffen.

Jedes mal, wenn du selbstbewusst mit deine Deutschkenntnissen bist – wirst du jemanden treffen, der es ändern wird. Jedes verdammt mal. Sprichst du Deutsch? Super! Was für ein Deutsch? Woher kommst du? Es ist alles kompliziert.

  1. Fast niemand benutzt die einfachen Wörter.

Wofür? Es gibt viele Wege etwas zu erklären. Bei vielen Wegen meine ich sehr viele Wege. Vor allem Worte, die man nicht übersetzen kann. Natürlich ist es gut und macht diese Sprache interessant. Es ist aber nicht einfacher für die Ausländer.

  1. Grammatik wird einem Kopfschmerzen geben

Der, die oder das? Wähle bitte, das weiß man nicht genau. Gibt es auch zweimal, wenn du möchtest. Deutsche Grammatik ist vielleicht nicht so schwer aber speziell. Man muss viel üben. Für viele Leute ist es der erste Grund Deutsch nicht weiter zu lernen. Alles kommt mit der Zeit meine Lieben.

  1. Der Fehler ist dein neuer Freund

Versuch mal gut zu sprechen und dann…versuch noch einmal, weil du einen Fehler gemacht hast. Hast du es nicht bemerkt? Es ist normal. Vielen Fehler machen ist in Deutsch normal. Es kann deine Muttersprache sein und du machst Fehler oder denkst über “wie soll ich es sagen” ein bisschen zu lange nach.

Die meisten Sprachschulen vorbereiten nicht gut. Ich habe Deutsch für 6 Jahre gelernt und danach hatte ich Problemen mit jemandem zu kommunizieren. Warum? Ich habe zu viel Mist gelernt, den ich jetzt gar nicht benutze.

Alle diese Gründen zeigen Deutsch als eine einzigartige und ein bisschen seltsame Sprache. Es ist nur mein Erfahrung. Keine Sorge. Mach einfach weiter. Viel Spaß und…Glück!

Positive vibes

I’ve been recently struggling with staying positive. It got me thinking (of course) about how to handle this state of mind. I don’t mean being unhappy or happy. For me, being positive means you are strong enough to believe that everything will be ok because you know yourself, your dreams and your capabilities. Regardless of the current situation. Are you positive? I’m certainly trying to.

It’s very easy to lose your motivation or ability to overcome even a tiny negativity. We live in the world full of opportunities but also hollowness and fake behaviors. Look at the social media or typical commercials. Everyone achieved more than you and possessed more then you will ever have. We are overwhelmed. It’s hard to focus on your goals and just simply get going. Distraction is on every damn corner.

I think what really matters is the right attitude. That’s a valuable skill to have. I don’t even know what’s called: being realistic mixed with cautiousness? Being able not to worry mixed with hope? Being stubborn mixed with confidence? All I know is having this specific attitude helps with staying positive.

Carry on with whatever you’re doing. A bad day is in the end just a bad day.*


*no, I’m not a personal couch and I don’t blab around. It’s just a regular utter mush up of mine.

Clicking and talking

Did you notice people on the train or wherever public you go that they have their volume full while texting with someone vigorously? That click, click, click or whatever sound they have? Oh boi. It’s driving me nuts. Especially when I’m on the long journey and want to take a nap and I keep hearing that annoying click click. Guess what. They’re usually texting for hours. What the heck! When I text with somebody, my phone is always damn mute. What is this? You want to show everyone that you have a phone and someone to talk to? I think is rude and out of place. Lately, I was even waiting for the doctor appointment and again…click click click. It’s clicking everywhere you go. Literally.

Also, since when we don’t know how to call on our phones? Since when it’s normal to just hold it next to your mouth and have it on speaker? Am I the only one here to think it’s unnatural and quite creepy? Eh. Talking this way among the crowd, man!

It’s wrong. Of course, not everyone thinks the same. That’s a whole new level and I won’t even dare to begin to understand it. Nope. I don’t think we can do anything about it. Our society is trending into something weird.

Simplicity of leading

Do you know somebody who is on leading or managing position and has no clue how to do that? I do. So far I’ve met maybe one or two persons who were able to do the job correctly. Not everyone is capable of doing so. X-years of “experience”, a bunch of awesome recommendation letters and a super degree doesn’t give you anything on that matter. I’m calling it a character. Yeah. You must be though, consistent, ultra responsible, straightforward and extremely cautious. Isn’t it simple? It sounds simple to me. You know what’s also simple? Recognizing the right leader.

There is always someone in your team who speaks loud, says things directly and stays focused when the problem occurs. Someone who you can trust no matter what. I had a boss like that. It was the most efficient time in my life so far. I’ve learned so much and grew personally. Everything flew as it’s supposed to, even when it wasn’t easy.

You can learn a lot of things but I don’t think leading or managing is one of those. I’ll be damned if I’m wrong. Nope. I’m confident with that one. If so, can someone please enlighten me how exactly a person who is for example: emotionally unstable, distracted by a tiny problem, struggling with multitasking, moody and very easily stressed, reacting according to the current state of mind, not to the facts – can develop analytic and cautious skills of somewhat? I know I know. Nothing is impossible but some things are made this way if your boss is chaotic. You probably just thought about someone specific, huh? (if you haven’t already)

It bothers me. Do you know how awful you gotta be to provide poisonous influence on your employees? Guess what! Work is not done tip top when your co-workers aren’t comfortable. Doesn’t everyone know it? I came to realize that obvious things are the hardest to acknowledge. We are complicating something that is easy.

Somehow miserable people are managing to get the position. Mostly you know right up front what kind of person is the other one (body language, the way how they speak and so on). How can it be missed? Please HR people! Look closer and stay distanced. It’s a matter of character. At the very least.

Let’s not create unnecessary confusion. I choose to be diplomatic when my boss is not. In the end, life is life and we just have to be smarter and move the heck on.


Życie w innym kraju uświadamia człowiekowi jak bardzo pochłonięci jesteśmy swoją kulturą i obyczajami. Wszystko nabiera sensu. Zaczynasz zauważać i rozumieć swoje postępowanie, których podłoże znajduje się właśnie w swoich korzeniach. Nagle tęsknisz za potrawami i przysmakami, których w obecnym miejscu zamieszkania nie znajdziesz. Gdy mówisz skąd pochodzisz – robisz to z dumą i znaczeniem dotychczas ci nieznanym. Jak ktoś pyta się o twoją rodzinę, przeskakuje ci przed oczami całe dzieciństwo. Tęsknota jest odzwierciedleniem twojego przywiązania, o istnieniu którego nie zdawałeś sobie sprawy. Oczywiście uczysz się żyć razem ze stale towarzyszącym ci uczuciem tęsknoty. Nawet nie wiedziałeś, że tak potrafisz.

Wywodzę się z pięknego kraju o burzliwej historii. Nasz naród przeszedł wiele. Jeszcze po dzień dzisiejszy czujemy echo przeszłości. Jesteśmy niezwykle sprytni, silni i charakterni. Kto inny tak ciężko pracuje za przysłowiowe grosze przez większość życia, w efekcie nie mając tak naprawdę nic? Nasz język uznaję za ogromny atut – władać nim to prawie jak supermoc.

Nasze tradycje i obyczaje są wyjątkowe. Nie doceniamy się, nie mamy tyle możliwości, oceniamy wszystko i wszystkich przez pryzmat swoich problemów. Przez to jesteśmy zbyt przezorni i zmuszeni do myślenia alternatywnego. Jest w tym coś niesamowitego. Przetrwamy w każdych warunkach. Mamy w sobie zakodowaną wolę walki. Tego nauczyła nas nasza przeszłość.

Jestem Polką i cieszę się, że wychowałam się właśnie tam. Moi zagraniczni znajomi słuchają moich przeżyć oraz faktów historycznych Polski z zaciekawieniem. Nie uczą ich tego w szkołach. Wielu z nich nie wiedziało np., że jesteśmy w Unii Europejskiej.

Bądźmy dumni skąd pochodzimy. Pewne rzeczy zaczyna się doceniać nie mając ich na co dzień pod ręką. Niby oczywiste, ale jednak nie takie proste jak się wydaje.